Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

LCJGT Membership


You must be a Tour Member to play in Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour tournaments. There is one exception. You do not have to be a member to register for the Big C Scholarship Tournament. 


Parents do not have to pay the membership fee for themselves. Only pay the membership fee for the junior players. The annual Tour Membership fee is $60.00. 


The tournament entrance fee for 18 hole divisions is $40 and for 9 hole divisions it is $25. 


Registration for the 2023 season will open at noon on March 1. There is an early registration discount of $25 for anyone who registers before June 1. This discount will be automatically applied when you register.   


As an LCJGT member, each family is asked to volunteer to help at one of our regular season tournaments. See the Parents Page and the Volunteer Page for more information.


To play in LCJGT tournaments a player must be Eligible to play and must Qualify.


Eligibility - Meet all the following requirements:

     Register to become a tour member on the website (pay the registration fee for players only, not parents)

     Not have graduated from High School

     Players must be age 9 or over as of June 1.

     Be capable of meeting our scoring requirements (below)

     Watch the videos on the Rules Videos page and pass the quiz

     Parents must read and accept the LCJGT Terms and Conditions when registering for the season.  


How to Qualify to play in LCJGT tournaments:

You are automatically qualified to play in 3 LCJGT tournaments. To qualify to play in additional tournaments you must post a score under the maximum score for the division (table below) in one of your first 3 LCJGT Tournaments. Once a player posts a qualifying score, they are eligible to participate in all the regular tournaments for the season.



Division Boys Qualifying Score Girls Qualifying Score
Gold 90 100
Silver 120 120
Bronze 120  
Futures 65 (9 holes) 65 (9 Holes)


Additional Qualifying Information

If the player fails to post a score equal to or less than the maximum score in their first 2 events, we will contact the parents / player to let them know.


What if I Don’t Post a Qualifying Score in my first 3 tournaments?

  1. If you elected to play in a higher division at the beginning of the year and are age-eligible to play in a lower division, you will be moved down to the next lower division for the rest of the season.
    • Gold to Silver
    • Boys Silver to Bronze
    • Boys Bronze to Futures
    • Girls Silver to Futures
  1. If you are already in the lowest division for your age group, you will not be eligible to play in additional tournaments for the season. Any prepaid tournament registration fees will be refunded.


We reserve the right to extend the qualifying period for any player beyond three events depending on circumstances. These decisions will be made by the Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Directors, and board members.


See the Tour Division section of this site for additional scoring expectations.


Tournament Registration:

Tournament fields will be open for registration beginning at noon on March 1 and will remain open until 5 days before the tournament date. The tournament fields will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Tournaments are limited to the first 108 golfers per tournament. In addition, there is a limit of 18, 9-hole participants per tournament. Additional registrants will be put on a Wait List and entered into the tournament if spots open up. See the Wait List page for details about how the wait list is managed and prioritized. The LCJGT Tour Championship at Lancaster Country Club and the Junior War at Hershey Country Club are invitational events. You will only be able to register for these tournaments if invited to them.

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