Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

Terms of Use

I understand that participation in the Tour is a privilege, not a right. 

I will print, read and abide by the “Dress Code/Code of Conduct” and will submit a signed copy to LCJGT by the 2nd Rules Clinic date.

I will print and read the "LCJGT Release Form and submit a signed copy to LCJGT by the 2nd Rules Clinic date.

I will read the information on the Membership Page, the Rules Clinic Page and the Policies on the website and abide by them.

I understand and will play by the rules of golf set forth by the LCJGT and the USGA.  Any breach of these requirements will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary measures as determined by the guidelines explained on the LCJGT website and/or a decision by the Tournament Director.

Entry fees are non-refundable after the 2nd Rules Clinic has been held except for medical reasons.

By completing the registration process, I/we grant permission to the LCJGT to photograph and to use the same on our website, social media or tour publications. I/we authorize LCJGT to release my child’s scores and photographs to any newspaper, golf website, or golf organization. This consent waives all rights of privacy or compensation.

I agree to adhere to the guidelines set out above and accept the above conditions of participation in the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour.