Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

Rules Videos

Required Online Courses


Our Rules Videos are sponsored by Rowe Golf


We expect to post the rules videos in the 3rd week of May.


All golfers will be required to view two different online courses that LCJGT has created.  One will be focused on the expectations of players on the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour.  A second will look at USGA rules of golf that would help players both on the tour and when playing in other events as well.  Both courses will have questions with them that players will need to answer and pass with a minimum passing test score.


In order to participate in tournaments, players will need to complete both of these courses by June 8, 2021. We will create the videos when the snow melts and we can get out on a course. Once the videos are created, the links posted on this page and emailed to you so you can meet this requirement. 


We encourage you to download the USGA Rules of Golf app to your phone. The app has a variety of short rules videos that will help you understand and apply golf rules that we follow in our tournaments. There are additional rules resources and the rules videos on the USGA Rules Homepage


Parents Video: There will also be a video for parents to introduce you to our organization and explain how we run our events. Parents of new players to LCJGT, especially, should watch to learn our expectations and how we differ from other junior golf organizations.