Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

LCJGT Policies For Parents

Important: When you register for the tour season you accepted the terms and conditions which included the release from liability and the dress code / code of conduct for the players. Be sure to review these with your player prior to the season. Below is a link to the LCJGT Terms and Conditions document for your reference. 


LCJGT Terms and Conditions


Parents of players joining LCJGT for the first time are encouraged to read the New Parents Guide for details about what to expect and how to prepare to play in LCJGT tournaments.


Parents, friends and relatives are welcome to walk along as spectators. All spectators must display a yellow spectator tag while on the course. These tags can be picked up at the registration table. All spectators must follow the Spectator Code of Conduct:   


Remain on the cart paths or in the rough and at least 30 yards away from the players. Do not walk on the fairways (exception may be made for adults assigned to assist golfers in the Futures Divisions with scoring). Please stay out of harm's way.

  • Do not give advice to a player during his or her round. Giving "advice" or coaching by a spectator is not permitted by the USGA Rules of Golf. The golfer/competitor may be penalized.
  • Spectators can help look for lost balls, be a spotter, and approach the green to watch when the players are putting.
  • Spectators need to be aware of other players on the course. Do not lag behind which prevents the group behind from playing their shots.
  • Allow the Rules Officials to make the rulings. If the Rules Official needs your input, they will approach you.
  • Violations will result in a two-stroke penalty for the player and could include player disqualification.
  • Place cell phones on silent while on the course.
  • Respect the host facility's policy regarding cell phones indoors, dress code, smoking, etc.
  • Spectators that do not adhere to these guidelines may be asked to leave the course.

Caddies will not be permitted in any of the age divisions. Players may use push carts.

Carts may be rented to spectators with physical impairment after permission from the Tournament Director and the course. Certain courses may not allow spectator carts and we need to abide by their rules. Carts must remain on cart paths and/or in the rough.

Tournament Fees: The cost per event is $40 for 18 holers, $25 for 9 holers. This cost covers the green fees, range balls (where available) lunch, awards and prizes.

Withdrawals: Withdrawals will be accepted up to and including the morning of the event, but the tournament fee will not be refunded if the withdraw is within 48 hours of the first tee time. See Credits / Refunds below. Please call or text the tournament director to withdraw. You must call in advance to withdraw to avoid Did Not Show (DNS) status for the tournament. 


Credits / Refunds: Players must withdraw more than 48 hours before the first tee time to receive a credit of the tournament entrance fee. If a player needs to withdraw from a tournament with less than 48 hours until the first tee time, we will not issue a credit. The credits can be used to pay for future events. If you want a refund, instead of a credit, request this by e-mailing


Did Not Show (DNS) and Did Not Finish (DNF): If a player is not present for his tee time, and has not notified the tournament director that he/she needs to withdrawal, it will be considered a Did Not Show (DNS). If a player does not complete a round that they start, except for illness or injury, it will be considered a Did Not Finish (DNF) Any DNS/DNF will result in forfeiture of the privilege to play in the championship tournament. Two DNS/DNF for any competitor will result in that golfer being removed from all of the remaining season tournaments with no refund.


For a copy of the LCJGT ByLaws, please click here.