Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

LCJGT Division Descriptions

Playing divisions are determined based on a player's age as of June 1 and the player's scoring ability. Players who have graduated from high school are not eligible to play in LCJGT tournaments.


Division Ages Holes Tees Played Consistent Score Requirements
Boys Gold 13 + 18 Back      Under 95 from the back tees
Boys Silver 13 + 18 Middle 80-120 from the middle tees
Boys Bronze 9-12 18 Forward Under 120 from the forward tees
Boys Futures 9-12 9 Forward Under 65 for 9 holes from forward tees
Girls Gold 13+ 18      Forward/Middle Combo Under 105 from the middle tees
Girls Silver 13 + 18 Forward 85-120 from the forward tees
Girls Futures 9-12 9 Forward Under 65 for 9 holes from forward tees


Players New to LCJGT:

New LCJGT players start in a Silver Division if they are 13 years or older. Players age 9-12 start in a Futures Division. First year LCJGT players may request to play up in a higher division if they can demonstrate that they can meet the scoring requirements. Provide scores from sanctioned tournaments, such as another junior golf tour event or high school golf. The Tournament Director approves all moves to a higher division. If you want to move up, please e-mail with the request and score qualifications.


LCJGT Returning Players:

Returning players start in the division they played in for their final event in the previous year. If a player has turned 13 before June 1, they start the new season in a Silver Division. There are some exceptions where players are required, or have the option, to start in a higher division. If you were a Boys Futures Division Player last year who turned 13 and will struggle to meet the Boys Silver Division scoring requirements we may allow you to play in the Boys Bronze Division. You will need to request to play down and have it approved by the tournament directors. Email info@lcjgt to make this request.


Division Last Year Average Current Year Division Optional / Required
Boys Silver <= 85 Boys Gold Required unless under 13 years old
Boys Silver 85.01 - 92 Boys Gold Optional
Girls Silver <= 87 Girls Gold Required unless under 13 years old
Girls Silver 87.01 - 94 Girls Gold Optional
Boys Bronze < 85 Boys Silver Optional if age 9-12
Boys Futures <50 Boys Bronze Optional if age 9-12
Girls Futures <50 Girls Silver Optional of age 9-12


If you are eligible to play in a higher division, we will set the website so that when you register, you will be able to select the higher division. A list of returning 2022 players and their 2023 starting divisions can be found here. (2023 Divisions for Returning Players)


Moving to a Higher Division during the Season:

Players have the option, or may be required, to move to a higher division during the season based on their scores in LCJGT events. Players may request to a higher division if they shoot a qualifying score. They can request to move up in any event after shooting a qualifying score. If a Silver Division player shoots 2 qualifying scores in their first three tournaments, they are in the wrong division and are required to move to the Gold Division in their next event. Once a player moves up, they cannot move back to their previous division. Requests to move up should be directed to the Tournament Director or email


Exceptions to the requirement to move up:

  1. If the Silver Player is going into 8th grade of lower, they are not required to move to the Gold Division
  2. Bronze and Futures Division players are not required to move up


Qualifying Scores needed to move up to a higher division:

  • Boys Silver & Bronze qualifying score – 10 over par or better
  • Girls Silver qualifying score – 92 or better
  • Futures qualifying score – 55 or better for 9 holes


Why should I consider moving to a higher division?

  1. We encourage players to challenge themselves by playing in the highest division where they are capable of being competitive
  2. The tour championship at Lancaster Country Club is primarily for the Gold Division players. We only take a foursome of players from the Boys Silver division.
  3. Only Gold Divisions are eligible to play in the Junior War of the Rose event


What happens to my points if I move up?

                Points are not able to be carried from one division to the next. When a player moves up, they get credit for attendance points for each event that they played in the lower division. (5 point for each event played, 7.5 for the major). Players who won a Silver Division tournament and move up to the Gold Division will get a 15 point bonus in the Gold Division for each Silver Division win they had. 


Will moving up to the Gold Division make it harder to qualify for the Tour Championship? 

                Not necessarily. If a player wins a Boys Silver event and elects to move up to the Boys Gold Division, he will automatically be invited to play in the tour championship in the Boys Gold Division regardless of his scores after moving to the Gold Division. If a player moves up to the Boys Gold Division, but did not win a Boys Silver event, they will need to score well enough to get invited. In past years most of the Boys Gold Division players have received invitations to play in the championship, but there are no guarantees. 


How is my average score calculated if I move up to a higher division?

                The website keeps a separate average for each player / division. It will calculate an average score for events played in each division and does not combine scores from different divisions.


Other Information:

- The Boys Bronze division may not be conducted if we don't have enough participants. In that case, participants will have the option to play in either the Boys Silver division or the Boys Futures division.

- If events fill up, we may limit the number of Futures players, particularly in events with shotgun starts