Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

Posted 6/12/2021 9:57:53 PM
G. Crudden Memorial presented by Lancaster Toyota
Round 1 Pairings (6/16/2021)
Posted 6/10/2021 3:53:45 PM
Tour Standings Updated


The mission of the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour is to provide junior golfers of central Pennsylvania with a tournament golf environment emphasizing competition, Rules of Golf, golf culture, sportsmanship and participant behavior.

Please complete the videos and quiz on the Rules Videos page by June 8. 


Open Tournament Spots Remaining

Tanglewood - 28

Fairview - 22

Manor - 55

Meadia Heights - 37

Sportsman's - 56

Foxchase - 39

Dauphin Highlands - 50


Announcing: The LCJGT App is available on the App Store and Google Play


TD Comments- Overlook 2021


I want to start by welcoming all of our new players to the tour and welcoming back all of our returning players.  For me personally, that was probably the most “normal” activity I have been a part of since March 2020 and it felt GREAT!  I know a lot of us felt the same.


Overlook always presents a challenge and this year was no different.  Many players are still trying to round their games into shape, there are the nerves of the first event of the year, and the greens always cause a whole lot of head shaking after three and four putts.  Despite all of those factors, we had some exciting golf throughout the day.


Bobby Nicholson started off his season earning his first career LCJGT Boys Gold win with a score of 72.  Trevor Snyder finished in second place at two shots back.  We had a four way tie for third at 76.  After a match of cards, comparing back nine scores, Kole Washleski finished in third place with an even par back nine.    


The Girls Gold Division is a little smaller so far this year.  That didn’t stop Kayla Maletto from continuing her strong run in the division the last few years.   Kayla finished with a score of 85 to win by seven shots over the rest of the division.


The Boys Silver Division has our largest number of participants and Noah Shultz played a dominant round shooting 76.  Elliott Evans finished in second with a score of 82.    Madeleine Kemmick was a first time winner in the Girls Silver Division.  She really turned things around on the back nine finishing with a total score of 97 including a birdie on 16.


We had another first time winner in the Boys Futures as Chase Dizel won with a score of 41.    The Girls Futures Division continues to increase in numbers and Kyla Quimby beat the field with a score of 44.


Volunteers:  Parents, we continue to look for volunteers to serve in several areas at each event.  We always need spotters.  Even if you have never done it, we can give directions and support so you feel comfortable with expectations.  We had several parents volunteer for the first time and realized how much fun they had helping the kids. Please go to the For Volunteers page on the website and hit the link to LCJGT Sign Up Genius page or email info@lcjgt to volunteer.


Other Items:


Awards Presentations:  Thank you to those of you who stayed for the awards presentations.  It was a nice change to be able to recognize the golf course, our event sponsor, and honor our winners.  Everyone who won a prize was there for the first time in years.  It was great!  Applause….official winner pictures in front of the LCJGT photo screen.  Just the way it should be.  Thanks to all!


Scoring Area:  Please go directly to the scoring area at the end of the round.  You will be going over each player’s score there.  Trying to review scores before you get there and then telling the scoring volunteers that you already did it will not excuse your group from sitting down and reviewing scores. 


Four Seasons Range Session:   Although Four Seasons now technically has a range, we will not be using it.  It has a limit of about 150 yards, can only hold about 6 players at a time, and presents too great a temptation to juniors to attempt to hit balls up and over the safety net.  Please plan to hit balls before arriving at Four Seasons.  Again, even if you purchase the range balls, NO LCJGT players will be permitted to use the range.  Plan ahead!


Shotgun Start:  Also remember that Four Seasons will be a shotgun start at 1:00.  All players tee off on different holes at the same time. We want everyone there, checked in and ready to play by 12:30 so we can go over rules and get into position to start by 1:00.


Pace of Play:  The pace of play was probably the best it has been at Overlook in many years.  There are still some things that can be done to improve upon it to get everyone through in 4 hours and 15 minutes or less.  Most groups did this, but we need everyone at that pace.  The two biggest issues are walking pace and preparation on the green.  On the green, please read your putt (while staying out of the way of others) while they putt.  After you putt tell your fellow competitors either, “I’ll finish” or “I’ll mark” so everyone knows your plan before you reach your ball.  It allows them to know what they should do.


Rules Clarifications:


Rules Officials:  Remember to ask for a rules’ official if you need help.   That is why we are out there. Look for the flags on the carts, or have a spotter or a parent call in and we will be there quickly. 


Identifying your ball:  Be sure to mark your ball in a way that is easily identified.  Then, when you get to a ball you should confirm it is yours EVERY time.


Marking your ball on the green:  We saw too many golf balls on the green while others are putting.  If you aren’t the one putting you should mark your ball and STAY OUT OF THE WAY.  During COVID social distancing, the putting green should be the safest place to be because you should never be within six feet of someone who is putting.



Thank you Sponsors:

Anne Lusk - Southeby's International Realty (Platinum)

Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster (Gold)

Craig Hartranft Team (Gold)

DBL Tank Services (Gold)

FA Insurance / Donegal Insurance Group (Gold)

F.N.B Wealth Management (Gold)

The Furyk Family (Major sponsor)

Lancaster County Coffee Roasters (Futures)

Lancaster Indoor Golf & Training Center (Silver)

Lancaster Toyota (Gold)

Manheim Twin Kiss (Futures)

Meadia Heights Golf Club (Gold)

McConkey Insurance (Bronze)

Mount Joy Wire (Bronze)

Pull the Pin (Player of the Year)

River Rock Academy (Platinum)

RoweGolf (Bronze)

S & T Bank (Bronze)

Sittler Golf (Gold)

Tomlinson Bomberger (Bronze)

Trout CPA (Gold)

Weaver Associates, Inc. (Registration Gifts)

Yurchak Printing (Printing)

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Upcoming Events
G. Crudden Memorial presented by Lancaster Toyota
June 16
Four Seasons Golf Club
Landisville, PA
DBL Tank Junior at Tanglewood
June 24
Tanglewood Manor Golf Club
Quarryville, PA
Buckeye Tour Championship at Penn State Qualifier - The top 5 Boys Gold and Girls Gold finishers at Tanglewood will be invited to the Buckeye Tour Championship tournament at Penn State.
Fairview Junior sponsored by River Rock Academy
July 1
Fairview Golf Course
Lebanon, PA
Buckeye Tour Championship at Penn State Qualifier - The top 5 Boys Gold and Girls Gold finishers at Fairview will be invited to the Buckeye Tour Championship tournament at Penn State.
FA Insurance & Donegal Insurance Group Junior at Manor
July 6
Manor Golf Course
Sinking Spring, PA
Latest Results
Craig Hartranft Team Junior at Overlook
June 10
Boys Gold
Nicholson. B (+2)
Snyder. T (+4)
Feeman. B (+6)
Boys Silver
Shultz. N (+6)
Evans. E (+12)
Stoltzfus. C (+13)
Girls Gold
Maletto. K (+15)
Overly. E (+22)
Hicks. T (+25)
Girls Silver
Kemmick. M (+26)
Dixon. W (+30)
Moawad. E (+32)
Boys Futures
Dizel. C (+5)
van Harskamp. M (+9)
Tomlinson. B (+9)
Girls Futures
Quimby. K (+8)
Studli. I (+11)
Powers. V (+14)
Tour Championship presented by Lusk & Associates
July 31
Boys Gold
Engle. G (-2)
Mitchell. T (+2)
Marten. S (+3)
Boys Silver
Shue. J (+13)
Radwanski. J (+14)
Bortz. A (+15)
Girls Gold
Maletto. K (-1)
Barrett. H (+5)
Groff. T (+11)
Filling's Junior at Tanglewood
July 28
Boys Gold
Strine. C (+2)
Jozwiak. E (+4)
Glick. J (+4)
Boys Silver
Stefanchik. I (+5)
Shue. J (+7)
Williams. N (+9)
Boys Bronze
Mitstifer. C (+14)
Stringer. B (+19)
Everly. C (+37)
Girls Gold
Maletto. K (+7)
Barrett. H (+8)
Groff. T (+16)
Girls Silver
Hill. C (+16)
Smith. P (+18)
Guldi. M (+23)
Boys Futures
McGinty. M (+7)
Dizel. C (+14)
Barr. A (+18)
Girls Futures
Powers. V (+22)
Current Rankings
Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour
2021 Season
As of 6/10/2021 3:43:45 PM
Boys Gold
1 - Nicholson. B
2 - Snyder. T
T3 - Mitchell. T
T3 - Feeman. B
T3 - Jozwiak. E
Boys Silver
1 - Shultz. N
2 - Evans. E
T3 - Hilyard. R
T3 - Stoltzfus. C
T5 - Elias. S
Girls Gold
1 - Maletto. K
2 - Overly. E
3 - Hicks. T
4 - Stalebrink. S
5 - Fidler. J
Girls Silver
1 - Kemmick. M
2 - Dixon. W
3 - Moawad. E
4 - van Harskamp. L
5 - Kappesser. P
Boys Futures
1 - Dizel. C
T2 - van Harskamp. M
T2 - Tomlinson. B
4 - McGinty. M
5 - Straub. M
Girls Futures
1 - Quimby. K
2 - Studli. I
3 - Powers. V
4 - Dumasia. S
5 - White. C