Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

Posted 7/5/2022 2:39:37 PM
Sportsman's Summer Classic
Round 1 Pairings (7/8/2022)
Posted 6/29/2022 5:56:20 PM
Tour Standings Updated


The mission of the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour is to provide junior golfers of central Pennsylvania with a tournament golf environment emphasizing competition, Rules of Golf, golf culture, sportsmanship and participant behavior.

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Tournament Registration as of 7/5/22

Meadia Heights - 23 open spots

Foxchase - 30 open spots

Fairview - 47 open spots

Dauphin Highlands - 52 open spots

Tanglewood - 19 open spots



TD Comments- Reading Country Club


Before I jump into a recap of Wednesday’s play, I want to start by thanking Reading Country Club for a great first visit by the LCJGT.  While it is now a public course, many of you might not know the incredible history that exists at one of only about 100 courses in the nation placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  For example, did you know that Reading Country Club hosted the 1953 Ryder Cup?  Until recently, Sam Snead held the course record?  Byron Nelson, winner of five majors and 54 PGA wins, was the pro there?  There is a lot more to share, but for now the history lesson is over.


In the Boys Gold Division we had a playoff for first place with Andrew Bilson and Trevor Snyder who both finished with matching scores of 74.  Snyder bettered Bilson on the first playoff hole to record his first LCJGT victory.  Ben Wilson finished in third place with a score of 75.


Lawson Leeper played an excellent round of golf on his way to a win with a score of 77.  Andrew Borneman finished in second at 80.  Nicholas Stramara finished in third at 83 and Lachlan Keith and Drew Wilson finished in a tie for fourth at 85.


The Girls Silver Division was won by Karina Serio, all the way from Maryland, with a score of 87.    In the Boys Futures Divisions Taimoor Naseem won the boys side again with a stellar nine-hole score of 37.  The Girls Futures Division was close right down to the ninth hole with Marissa Battistelli on top with a 48.  Bryn Brandt was right behind at 49.


The Boys Bronze Division provided the most drama of the day.  Chase Dizel and Coltin Kauffman both finished their first eighteen holes in a tie at 93.  The playoff then went on for three additional holes.  Both players should be proud of their performance under pressure.  On the second playoff hole, #18, Kauffman was about 80 yards short in two with Dizel already on the front of the green in regulation.  Kauffman hit a brilliant shot that momentarily vanished into the hole only to pop out about four inches behind the hole.  After tapping that in for par, Dizel had to two putt from the front of the green to continue the playoff or make a bomb for the win.  Anyone who has played there knows that long putt is WAY slower than you would expect, and not surprisingly Dizel left it about eight feet short.  After regrouping, he calmly buried that clutch par putt with a little fist pump to advance to the third playoff hole.  On that hole, Kauffman finally prevailed.  Congratulations to both players for an exciting playoff.  As an aside, I think many of the parents and grandparents watching were more nervous than the players themselves. 


Other Items:


Check In:  The first thing you should do when you arrive at the course is to check in.  Why?  We might have important information that needs to be shared.  We also need to know you are there so we aren’t wasting our time tracking you down.  Make the registration table your first stop.  Many of you are doing this.  Thank you!  To those that aren’t, get yourself to the check in table to see the smiling faces that are there waiting to greet you.  To be clear, going there first IS NOT an option.  It is an expectation.


Ball Marks:  Please remember that it is critical, as a golfer, that you are repairing your ball marks on greens.  In fact, try to fix at least one additional one on each green.  I walked on several greens at Reading and was shocked to see the number of ball marks I was able to repair.  As a tour, we must do better at this.  In addition, it is actually a positive reinforcer to be able to fix ball marks.  It reinforces a good shot on the green.


Putting green routines:  You should be ready when it is your turn to putt.  Read you putt while others are putting or going through their routine.  After putting, and before getting to your ball, announce your intentions.  A simple, “I’ll mark,” or “I’ll finish,” allows your fellow competitors to know what should happen next.  Some divisions are losing a great deal of time on the greens.


Rules Clarification:


Winter Rules:  When we play under winter rules it is important to follow all of the steps properly.  First, you MUST mark the position of your ball.  You may then clean it.  Then, if trying to gain the maximum amount of distance you need to measure a club length likely using your driver.  If you are well less than a driver, there is no need to measure.  Then you can place it one time.  Once your hand releases your ball it is in play.  You can’t try several times to place it.


Nearest point of relief:  Many of our players are forgetting how to find the nearest point of relief.  If you attended our last in-person rules clinic, you did this when showing how to take free relief from an immovable obstruction (cart path).  It was also covered in our rules videos. Remember to take the club you are likely to play the shot with, take your stance, and then put a tee where the ball would be at your club.  From there, now you start to measure your club-length.  Here is a link to a great video on how to do this properly.  Finding the nearest point of complete relief


Jon Chronister, Tournament Director


Thank you 2022 Sponsors:

Anne Lusk - Southeby's International Realty (Platinum)

Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster (Big C)

Central PA Sweepers (Silver)

Charles F Snyder Jr Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc. (Silver) 

Craig Hartranft Team (Gold)

DBL Tank Services (Gold)

Fillings (Junior War)

The Furyk Family (Major sponsor)

Lancaster County Coffee Roasters (Scorekeeper)

Lancaster Indoor Golf & Training Center (Silver)

Lancaster Toyota (Platinum)

Meadia Heights Golf Club (Gold)

McConkey Insurance (Intern)

Mount Joy Wire (Intern)

Overly HVAC (Intern)

Pull the Pin (Player of the Year)

Rettew's Catering (Scorekeeper)

River Rock Academy (Platinum)

RoweGolf (Rules Videos)

S & T Bank (Intern)

Sittler Golf (Gold)

Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. (Silver)

Tomlinson Bomberger (Intern)

Trout CPA (Platinum)

URL Insurance Group (Youth On Course)

Viocity Group (Gold)

Weaver Associates, Inc. (Registration Gifts)

Yurchak Printing (Printing)

Snyder and Kauffman Prevail through Playoffs!
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Before I jump into a recap of Wednesdays play, I want to start by thanking Reading Country Club for a great first visit by the LCJGT. While it is now a public course, many of you might not know the incredible...
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Upcoming Events
Sportsman's Summer Classic
July 8
Sportsmans Golf Course
Harrisburg, PA
Co-Sponsored by Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. and Lancaster Indoor Golf & Training Center
The Furyk Family Major at Meadia Heights
July 11
Meadia Heights Golf Club
Lancaster, PA
Sponsored by the Furyk Family and Meadia Heights Golf Club. Major Event awards 1.5 times normal points.
Foxchase Shootout sponsored by Trout CPA & Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home & Crematory
July 15
Fox Chase Golf Club
Stevens, PA
Viocity Group Junior Open at Fairview
July 21
Fairview Golf Course
Lebanon, PA
Latest Results
Sittler Golf Junior at Reading Country Club
June 29
Boys Gold
Snyder. T (+4)
Bilson. A (+4)
Wilson. B (+5)
Boys Silver
Leeper. L (+7)
Borneman. A (+10)
Stramara. N (+13)
Boys Bronze
Kauffman. C (+22)
Dizel. C (+22)
Gebhard. D (+30)
Girls Silver
Serio. K (+16)
Miller. S (+21)
Dumasia. S (+26)
Boys Futures
Naseem. T (+2)
Rabena. J (+7)
Tomlinson. B (+7)
Girls Futures
Battistelli. M (+13)
Brandt. B (+14)
Jones. A (+19)
George Crudden Memorial presented by Lancaster Toyota
June 15
Boys Gold
Sembrot. J (E)
Jozwiak. E (E)
Manning. B (+3)
Boys Silver
Kaun. A (+7)
Parise. D (+8)
Beidler. E (+9)
Boys Bronze
Allwein. B (+7)
Kauffman. C (+15)
Girls Gold
Overly. E (+3)
Hicks. T (+7)
Smith. P (+7)
Girls Silver
Powers. V (+9)
Quimby. K (+13)
Dumasia. S (+17)
Boys Futures
Naseem. T (+1)
Walsh. J (+8)
Everly. A (+9)
Girls Futures
Brandt. B (+12)
Jones. A (+13)
Westermann. T (+28)
Craig Hartranft Team Junior at Overlook
June 9
Boys Gold
Wilson. B (+3)
Shultz. N (+5)
Jozwiak. E (+6)
Boys Silver
Kaun. A (+7)
Borneman. A (+14)
Wilson. D (+15)
Boys Bronze
Dizel. C (+14)
Kauffman. C (+19)
Allwein. B (+26)
Girls Gold
Smith. P (+7)
Overly. E (+8)
Maletto. K (+14)
Girls Silver
Powers. V (+24)
White. C (+26)
Quimby. K (+28)
Boys Futures
Naseem. T (+8)
Walsh. J (+9)
Allwein. J (+13)
Girls Futures
Brandt. B (+19)
Current Rankings
Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour
2022 Season
As of 6/29/2022 8:57:00 PM
Boys Gold
1 - Wilson. B
2 - Sembrot. J
3 - Snyder. T
4 - Bilson. A
5 - Jozwiak. E
Boys Silver
1 - Kaun. A
2 - Borneman. A
3 - Leeper. L
4 - Wilson. D
5 - Hampshire. H
Boys Bronze
1 - Kauffman. C
2 - Dizel. C
3 - Allwein. B
4 - Gebhard. D
5 - Daecher. L
Girls Gold
1 - Overly. E
2 - Smith. P
3 - Hicks. T
4 - Graham. B
5 - Dixon. W
Girls Silver
1 - Powers. V
2 - Quimby. K
3 - White. C
4 - Dumasia. S
5 - Serio. K
Boys Futures
1 - Naseem. T
2 - Walsh. J
3 - Tomlinson. B
4 - Perovich. A
5 - Rabena. J
Girls Futures
1 - Brandt. B
2 - Jones. A
T3 - Westermann. T
T3 - Battistelli. M