Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

Posted 7/9/2020 7:30:27 PM
Tour Standings Updated
Posted 7/9/2020 9:19:13 AM
FA Insurance & Donegal Insurance Group Junior at Manor
Final Results

The mission of the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour is to provide junior golfers of central Pennsylvania with a tournament golf environment emphasizing competition, Rules of Golf, golf culture, sportsmanship and participant behavior.


Tournament Procedures - COVID considerations - click the link, read and follow these at our events.  

Tournament Open Spots

Four Seasons - full - 10 on wait list

Dauphin Highlands - full - 11 on wait list

Tanglewood - full - 12 on wait list

TD Comments- Manor Golf Course

The LCJGT added a new venue to their rotation on Thursday, July 9 expanding into Berks County and “The” Manor Golf Course. While the yardage on the card isn’t impressive, the greens, hills, and tree-lined fairways put up quite a defense that left many players shaking their heads.

After winning the Furyk Family Major on Monday, Garrett Engle won the Boys’ Gold Division for the second time this week with a three under score of 67. Using some local course knowledge, Jared Foltz finished second with 72. Ben Wilson and Colton Yenser both shot 74 to finish in a tie for third.

In the Girls’ Gold Division, the tour had their first playoff of the season. Hannah Barrett and Kayla Maletto both finished with identical scores of 82. Barrett went on to par the first hole and win the playoff.

Jesse Shue won the Boys’ Silver Division with a fine score of 74 including a back nine where he shot one under par. Joseph Sembrot finished right on his heals carding a score of 76. Jamesson Radwanski and Ryan Hilyard ended in a tie for third with 78. In the Girls’ Silver Division, Taylor Hicks may have had the round of the day shooting a 73 that included an even par back nine.

In the Boys’ Bronze Division, Chase Yenser finished first with 79. Miles McGinty won the Boys’ Futures with a nine-hole score of 42, and Vivienne Powers shot 54 to win the Girls’ Futures Division.

Other Items:

Four Seasons Range Session:  Although Four Seasons now technically has a range, we will not be using it. It has a limit of about 150 yards, can only hold about 6 players at a time, and presents too great a temptation to juniors to attempt to hit balls up and over the safety net. Please plan to hit balls before arriving at Four Seasons. Again, even if you purchase the range balls, NO LCJGT players will be permitted to use the range. Plan ahead!

Practice Swings: This is directed a little more at some of our younger players. I watched some of our younger players take MANY practice swings. As long as you can keep up pace, that is up to you. I would be exhausted taking so many swings. More importantly, you SHOULD NOT take divots on practice swings. If you watch good players, on our tour or the PGA Tour, notice how many practice swing divots there are? Zero! It beats up the course. It isn’t necessary. It is a mistake. While I’m at it for everyone, replace your divots please.

Rules Clarifications:

Notice to Competitors (NtC)- I understand that players go to the first tee to meet with the starter ready to get started. It is important that players are listening to what is being said AND know to look at the NtC. At The Manor, the sheet was extremely clear in how areas of the course were marked and what to do. Unfortunately, a few players didn’t look and it cost them. The spotters are helpful in finding golf balls, but it is the player’s responsibility to know what to do or get a rules’ official.



TD Comments- Furyk Family Major at Meadia Heights

In an unusual twist, the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour kicked off their 2020 season Monday with their “Major.” This usually falls in the middle of the season; however, COVID-19 caused the cancellation and rescheduling of several events. Also exciting for the players was the new venue at Meadia Heights Golf Club and the new sponsor, the Furyk Family. The players were battling for 1.5 times points in the tour standings, two Junior Memberships provided by Meadia Heights, and exemptions into the Buckeye Junior Golf Tour Championship. With all of this buildup, the play was just as hot as the temperatures.

In the Boys’ Gold Division, Garrett Engle continued his multi-year dominance the LCJGT. In a stretch that would have made Jim proud, he caught fire on the back nine shooting 32 including an Eagle 2 on the par 4 fifteenth to finish at 3 under (68). Jonathan Glick used his home course advantage to finish second with 72, and Michael Fioravante finished third at 74.

Elle Overly shot 88 to win her first Girls’ Gold title after moving up from the Silver Division last year. Keegan Dings finished right on her heels with 91.

The Boys’ Silver Division showcased many players with great potential. In a competitive and tightly bunched leaderboard, Tyler Swartz prevailed with a final score of 80. Jesse Shue finished second at 84, and Jamesson Radwanski finished in third place at 85.

The Girls’ Silver Division is the most improved from last season. Piper Smith, who was three under at one point in her round, ended with a very impressive score of 76. Normally a score like that would win the Girls’ Silver Division in a blowout, but Taylor Hicks posted 79 to finish second.

Chase Mitstifer won the Boys’ Bronze Division with a score of 96. The nine hole Boys’ Futures Division was won by Miles McGinty at 42, and Vivienne Powers won the Girls’ Futures with 47.

Other Items:

Pace of Play: Play at Meadia Heights was on the slow side for most groups; however, a shout out to our first foursome played in a little over 3 hours and 30 minutes. You can play well and play quickly. Remember to walk with a purpose and play ready golf. In stroke play there is no required order of play. Be safe, but if you are ready and a fellow competitor isn’t, feel free to play away. You don’t have to worry about the pins. Don’t write scores while standing on the greens. Do it on your way to the next tee or when not hitting your tee shot on the next hole.

Dress Code: One of the things we would have covered at our rule’s clinic was dress code. On the LCJGT we tuck in our shirts all the way around (not just the front). If your shirt comes untucked, which sometimes does happen, please tuck it back in promptly.

Pencils: Please remember to show up at each event with a pencil or a few pencils. We are not going to be providing them.

Masks: Players did a great job of having masks with them. Please do that again on Thursday. Masks on for the temperature check, starters tent, inside any buildings, and at the scorer’s table.

Range: The Manor has a range that players will be able to use on Thursday. A few reminders about the range. Please do not arrive more than 45 minutes prior to your tee time. Get your temperature checked before beginning your warm up session. The putting green is NOT right near the first tee. Therefore, leave yourself time in that 45 minutes to get to the putting green and then the first tee 10 minutes prior to your tee time.

Fun Fact: Late in the morning yesterday, Jim Furyk texted us and ask for the link to live scoring so he could check in on scores of the tournament.

Rules Clarifications:

Provisional balls – A provisional ball is played provided that the original ball may be out of bounds OR is possibly lost (outside of a penalty). A provisional is never played when the player hits his/her original ball into a red or yellow penalty area. There is no shame in playing a provisional; its sole purpose is to speed up play. Announce to your fellow competitors why you are hitting a provisional and how it is different from your original ball. “I am hitting a provisional for a lost ball. This is a Titleist 4 with a red line and the other was a Top Flight 1 with a picture of my puppy dog on it.”

Ball Searches: If there is a ball search in your group, it is mandatory that all players in the group are helping to look. It is part of your responsibility as a player in the LCJGT or any other tournament. It is great that we have spotters out there to help you, but the players must be there helping to search too. Also remember that you only get THREE minutes to search. After that time, found or not, the ball is considered lost.

Rules Officials: Remember to ask for a rules’ official if you need help.   That is why we are out there. While we often have to tell you about a penalty situation, we are also out there to teach and help. Look for the flags on the carts. Or you can have a spotter call or use your phone to call. We will be there as quickly as possible. It is always better to ask before you do something than find out the penalty afterwards.  

Jon Chronister- LCJGT Tournament Director


Wait List Explanation and Management:

When the number of players registered for a tournament, or for a division in a tournament, hits the limit set in the website, the next player that registers will be put on the Wait List. You see this on your receipt as “Waitlisted”. The website records the date and time that a player was put on the wait list.

Players on the wait list are not in the field to play in the tournament. To see if you are in the field for an event, go to our schedule page. Select an event to show the tournament page. Scroll down on the page to see the participants who are in the field. If you are on the wait list, you will not appear in the participant list.

When another player withdraws from a full tournament, we fill the empty spot from the wait list, by putting the person with the earliest registration date and time into the field.

Once registration for an event closes, we will try to see if we can fit any additional players into the field from the wait list. Sometimes, we may have the ability to fill out foursomes in certain divisions from the wait list. In this case we might not go in the exact sequence that players are on the wait list. For example, we may have a Girls Futures player down on the wait list, but have an opening in the Girls Futures foursome to fit her in.

When we do tee times, we will e-mail any players who did not get into the field to let them know that they did not make it into the field. If any other players withdraw before the day of the event, we will replace them in the field from the wait list and e-mail them to let them know that they are in. Once the tournament is held, we will refund the tournament fee for any player that was still on the wait list.

Thank you Sponsors for Remaining Loyal:

Anne Lusk - Southeby's International Realty

Craig Hartranft Team

Donegal Insurance Group

FA Insurance


The Furyk Family

Golf, Etc.

Lancaster Toyota

Meadia Heights Golf Club

Mount Joy Wire

River Rock Academy


S & T Bank

Triangle Refrigeration

Trout CPA

Weaver Associates, Inc.

Yurchak Printing

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July 15
Fox Chase Golf Club
Stevens, PA
G. Crudden Memorial sponsored by River Rock Academy
July 16
Four Seasons Golf Club
Landisville, PA
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Latest Results
FA Insurance & Donegal Insurance Group Junior at Manor
July 9
Boys Gold
Engle. G (-3)
Foltz. J (+2)
Wilson. B (+4)
Boys Silver
Shue. J (+4)
Sembrot. J (+6)
Hilyard. R (+8)
Boys Bronze
Yenser. C (+9)
Everly. C (+17)
Stringer. B (+22)
Girls Gold
Barrett. H (+12)
Maletto. K (+12)
Groff. T (+14)
Girls Silver
Hicks. T (+3)
SMITH. P (+15)
Guldi. M (+24)
Boys Futures
McGinty. M (+6)
Dizel. C (+14)
Perovich. A (+17)
Girls Futures
Powers. V (+18)
Quimby. K (+28)
The Furyk Family Major at Meadia Heights
July 6
Boys Gold
Engle. G (-3)
Glick. J (+1)
Fioravante. M (+3)
Boys Silver
Swartz. T (+9)
Shue. J (+13)
Radwanski. J (+14)
Boys Bronze
Mitstifer. C (+24)
Stringer. B (+27)
Everly. C (+32)
Girls Gold
Overly. E (+17)
Dings. K (+20)
Groff. T (+23)
Girls Silver
SMITH. P (+4)
Hicks. T (+7)
Guldi. M (+11)
Boys Futures
McGinty. M (+7)
Dizel. C (+12)
Perovich. A (+18)
Girls Futures
Powers. V (+12)
Quimby. K (+18)
Dumasia. S (+35)
Tour Championship sponsored by Lusk & Associates
July 26
Boys Gold
Engle. G (+5)
McGlaughlin. D (+5)
Fioravante. M (+6)
Boys Silver
Bomberger. B (+15)
Billoni. D (+17)
Wiggins. B (+18)
Girls Gold
Maletto. K (+18)
Barrett. H (+21)
Gerrish. A (+23)
Current Rankings
Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour
2020 Season
As of 7/9/2020 7:20:27 PM
Boys Gold
1 - Engle. G
2 - Glick. J
3 - McGlaughlin. D
4 - Fackler. T
5 - Fioravante. M
Boys Silver
1 - Shue. J
2 - Swartz. T
3 - Radwanski. J
4 - Stefanchik. I
5 - Hansen. I
Boys Bronze
1 - Mitstifer. C
2 - Stringer. B
3 - Everly. C
4 - Yenser. C
Girls Gold
1 - Overly. E
2 - Groff. T
3 - Wolf. A
4 - Barrett. H
T5 - Dings. K
Girls Silver
1 - SMITH. P
2 - Hicks. T
3 - Guldi. M
4 - Hill. C
5 - Eckroat. M
Boys Futures
1 - McGinty. M
2 - Dizel. C
3 - Perovich. A
4 - Everly. A
Girls Futures
1 - Powers. V
2 - Quimby. K
3 - Dumasia. S