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The mission of the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour is to provide junior golfers of central Pennsylvania with a tournament golf environment emphasizing competition, Rules of Golf, golf culture, sportsmanship and participant behavior.

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Junior War Recap and Thank You's


While the final score doesn’t look it, the second Junior War of the Rose was nearly as close as the first.  Again this year the weather was hot.  VERY HOT!  However, the heat didn’t hurt the quality of play. In the morning, Team Logan finished the Four-ball (Better Ball) portion up 3 and 2.  The second nine consisted of the always fun and demanding Four-some (Alternate Shot) portion.  Many of the duos who lost in the first nine bounced back to win the second nine.  By the time lunch rolled around Team Logan was hanging onto a one-point lead.


The afternoon individual matches again were very evenly matched and saw many back and forth matches.  Unfortunately for Team Allison, Mother Nature brought an end to the comeback with severe storms.  After all the calculations were completed, Team Logan won 13-7.  That score doesn’t tell the whole story.  A few more holes of play could have completely flipped that script and landed Team Allison with the victory.  All in all, it was a great day of friendly competition.


Again this year I would like to thank Hershey Country Club for giving us the opportunity to host our event on the championship East Course.  They have been so welcoming and accommodating.  Also this year Sittler Golf helped to sponsor the event.  Players on the winning team were awarded gift cards to go check out the great selection of gear at Sittler. 


Other Items:


Thank You:  At this point in the season I always think it is important to say thank you.  I want to start by thanking the parents/grandparents who volunteered their time this season to help with registration, scoring, spotting, first aid, and photography.  Our total number of volunteers was down this year, but those who did help were VERY helpful and did a great job.  We need volunteers to make our tour what it has become.  Again, thank you so much for being so giving of your time.


I also want to thank our board for all of their work this season.  In particular, I want to thank Greg Goodling, Peanut Erb, Julie Reed, Matt Burkhart, Haley Goodling, Chad Mitchell, BJ McGinty, and Steve Brenner for all of their time at events this year. Marc Vogle came on board as another tournament director and seamlessly ran three of our events this season.  Finally, a big thanks to our various interns for their help.


If there is anything else you think we should look at in order to continue growing and improving the tour, please let me know.  The board meets regularly in the off season and we will certainly consider your suggestions.  Feel free to email me at


Good luck to all of those players who are starting into their high school seasons. 


Jon Chronister



Junior War Results Final Results - Individual Matches shortened by storms

Team Logan - 13               Team Allison - 7


Individual Match Results

Team Logan - 7-1/2          Team Allison - 2-1/2

Dixon def. Moawad - 3 up 13 holes

Hicks def. Overly - 3 up 13 holes

Kappesser def. Manning - 1 up 12 holes

Rios def. Novinger - 1 up 12 holes

B. Wilson def. Washleski - 1 up 11 holes

Marten def. Sembrot - 1 up 11 holes

M. Wilson tied Snyder - 11 holes

Ramsey def. Wagner - 1 up 10 holes 

Feeman def. Jozwiak - 1 up 10 holes

Foltz def. Novis - 1 up 10 holes



Foursomes (Alternate Shot) Results


Team Logan - 2-1/2                   Team Allison - 2-1/2


Overly/Dixon won 3 & 2 vs. Hicks/Moawad

Novinger/Manning won 3 & 2 vs. Rios/Kappesser

Marten/B. Wilson won 2 & 1 vs. Sembrot /Washleski

Jozwiak/Snyder won 5 & 3 vs. M. Wilson/Wagner

Novis / Feeman tied Foltz/Ramsey


Four-ball (Better Ball) Results


Team Logan - 3           Team Allison -  2


Hicks/Moawad won 1 up vs. Overly/ Dixon

Rios/Kappesser won 3 & 1 vs. Novinger/Manning

Sembrot/Washleski won 2 up vs. Marten/B. Wilson

M. Wilson/Wagner won 2 & 1 vs. Jozwiak/Snyder

Foltz/Ramsey won 1 up vs. Novis/Feeman


Tournament Director Comments- Tour Championship @Lancaster CC


We saved the best weather of the season for play at the top course on our schedule.   Lancaster Country Club definitely showed its teeth on Friday as most players battled for every par on their cards.  In addition, many of us were getting our first look at the transformation that has taken place at the club. The new buildings fit in as if they have been there all along.  I also can’t believe that there is a putting green where there was a pool last year during our Tour Championship. I want to be sure to thank Head Professional, Rick Gibson, his staff, and the membership for being so welcoming and sharing their course with us.


In the Girls’ Gold Division Kayla Maletto shot a great score of 78 to win the Walters Cup for the third year in a row. The Walters Cup is named after long-time Tournament Director Skip Walters and is awarded to the winners of the Girls Gold and Boys Gold Divisions.   Taylor Hicks was able to secure first place in the player of the year standings.


Sebastian Elias won for the third time this season with a round of 95 in the Boys Silver Division.  Sebastian’s win propelled him into first place for the season winning the Pull the Pin trophy.  Golf shop Pull the Pin (formerly Golf Etc.) is our sponsor for our player of the year in each division. 


The Boys Gold Division was captured by first time winner Grant Novinger.  Grant started off hot making the turn at one under par and then battled on the back nine for the win at 73.  Dylan Ramsey played a very steady round shooting 37 on both sides to end up one shot behind in second place.  Third place went to Trey Rios who posted a 75 that included four birdies.  Thanks to back to back wins during the middle of the season, Jared Foltz ended up winning the Boys Gold player of the year.


“Big C” Scholarship Winners:   


Congratulations to our eight recipients of the $1,000 scholarship for 2021.  Winners are:  Nick Edelman, Michael Fioravante, Jonathan Glick, Claire Hill, Derek McGlaughlin, Greta Plechner, Connor Strine, and Amanda Wolf.


Lancaster Junior War of the Rose Teams:

The Junior War of the Rose will take place on Wednesday, August 11 at Hershey Country Club’s East Course.  Stay tuned for the announcement of teams.


Jon Chronister LCJGT Tournament Director


Thank you Sponsors:

Anne Lusk - Southeby's International Realty (Platinum)

Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster (Gold)

Craig Hartranft Team (Gold)

DBL Tank Services (Gold)

FA Insurance / Donegal Insurance Group (Gold)

F.N.B Wealth Management (Gold)

The Furyk Family (Major sponsor)

Lancaster County Coffee Roasters (Futures)

Lancaster Indoor Golf & Training Center (Silver)

Lancaster Toyota (Gold)

Manheim Twin Kiss (Futures)

Meadia Heights Golf Club (Gold)

McConkey Insurance (Bronze)

Mount Joy Wire (Bronze)

Pull the Pin (Player of the Year)

River Rock Academy (Platinum)

RoweGolf (Bronze)

S & T Bank (Bronze)

Sittler Golf (Gold)

Tomlinson Bomberger (Bronze)

Trout CPA (Gold)

Weaver Associates, Inc. (Registration Gifts)

Yurchak Printing (Printing)

Team Logan takes down Team Allison in the Junior War
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While the final score doesnt look it, the second Junior War of the Rose was nearly as close as the first. Again this year the weather was hot. VERY HOT! However, the heat didnt hurt the quality of play....
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At the awards ceremony following the Tour Championship at Lancaster CC, we announced the winners of the 2021 "Big C" Scholarship Winners. Congratulations to our eight recipients of the $1,000 scholarship...
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Latest Results
Junior War Four-Ball Match presented by Sittler Golf
August 11
Junior War Team
Foltz / Ramsey. J (Foltz/Ramsey win 1 up)
Wilson / Wagner. M (Wilson/Wagner win 2 &1)
Sembrot / Washleski. J (Sembrot/Washleski win 2 up)
Junior War Foursomes Match presented by Sittler Golf
August 11
Junior War Team
Novis / Feeman. J (Novis/Feeman tied Foltz/Ramsey)
Jozwiak / Snyder. E (Jozwiak/Snyder won 5 & 3)
Marten / Wilson. S (Marten/Wilson won 2 & 1)
Junior War Individual Matches presented by Sittler Golf
August 11
Boys Gold
Foltz 1 up thru 10
Feeman 1 up thru 10
Ramsey 1 up thru 10
Girls Gold
Hicks 3 up thru 13
Dixon 3 up thru 13
Current Rankings
Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour
2021 Season
As of 7/30/2021 2:46:50 PM
Boys Gold
1 - Foltz. J
2 - Jozwiak. E
3 - Snyder. T
4 - Wilson. B
5 - Novis. J
Boys Silver
1 - Elias. S
2 - Hilyard. R
3 - Doyle. A
4 - Stoltzfus. C
5 - Evans. E
Boys Bronze
1 - McGinty. M
2 - Allwein. B
3 - Everly. A
4 - Hughes. B
5 - Manning. D
Girls Gold
1 - Hicks. T
2 - Overly. E
3 - Maletto. K
4 - Fidler. J
5 - Graham. B
Girls Silver
1 - Kochersperger. L
2 - Kappesser. P
3 - Kemmick. M
4 - Dixon. W
5 - Miller. S
Boys Futures
1 - Dizel. C
2 - Tomlinson. B
3 - Perovich. A
4 - McGinty. M
5 - Horowitz. A
Girls Futures
1 - Studli. I
2 - Quimby. K
3 - Dumasia. S
4 - White. C
5 - Powers. V