Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour


The mission of the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour is to provide junior golfers of central Pennsylvania with a tournament golf environment emphasizing competition, Rules of Golf, golf culture, sportsmanship and participant behavior.

Registration for the 2021 season is until May 31. 

The Rules videos are delayed. We are working on them and will email the link when they are ready. 


Open Tournament Spots Remaining

Overlook - 31

Four Seasons - 32

Tanglewood - 49

Fairview - 44

Manor - 66

Meadia Heights - 50

Sportsman's - 65

Foxchase - 54

Dauphin Highlands - 62


Announcing: The LCJGT App is available on the App Store and Google Play


Search for LCJGT on the App Store or Google Play. The app is a more convenient way to access LCJGT website capabilities. Download it now!! On the app you can:

View the tournament schedule and details

Register for membership and tournaments

View tee times

View leaderboards

View tour standings

View past results

Receive notifications of tee times and scoring

Receive other event notifications

Non tour members, like grand parents, coaches, etc. can use the app and follow events to receive notifications


Please read the note below about changes for 2021


Welcome to another year for the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour.  Last year was certainly one that most of us will never forget.  I am so pleased that we were able to safely get the players out there for a nearly full season.  Hopefully some of the restrictions and safety requirements from last season can be relaxed for the summer of 2021.  Following are a few updates for this season:


­Added Events:  I am very excited to announce that we will be increasing our number of events for this season.  This will give players the opportunity to play more competitive golf.  Also, with these added events we will be expanding our footprint to allow better access to players outside of our traditional Lancaster/Lebanon region. 


Rules Clinics:  In the past, we required all players to attend a rules clinic prior to participating in events.  I feel that this is a CRITICAL piece of what we do on the tour.  Playing competitive golf means playing by the rules.  It also means understanding golf etiquette and expectations.  With all of that being said, I also realize that our players are more geographically diverse than in the past.  Schedules are also very busy.  SO…..beginning this year all players will need to complete two online classes we are developing.  One will be focusing on the expectations of LCJGT players in tournaments.  The other will be a rules course.  Both will be completed online and passed at least two days prior to playing in the first event.


Points Champion:  This year our overall points champion will now be called our Player of the Year.  We have also tweaked the point allocations for each event.  In addition, we have decided to start using a player’s scoring average to determine entry into the year-end Tour Championship and Junior War of the Rose.


Withdraw Policy:  Last year, in particular, we had to be very liberal with the withdraw policy.  Beginning this year, players will need to withdraw from an event at least 48 hours prior to the first tee time in order to receive a refund.  Even prior to last year, most of our events had at least 10% of the field withdraw after tee times are posted.  Most of those were just because they “didn’t think about it” before tournament day.  These withdraws then require a lot of work to juggle tee times, communicate with other players, change scorecards, etc.


LCJGT App:  We are anticipating by the time of our first event that there will be an app available.  This app will be great to allow access to notifications, tee times, live scoring, etc.  Keep an eye out for that.


Tournament Director 2.0:  I am excited to announce that we have an additional tournament director as a part of the tour this season.  Marc Vogle will be serving as tournament director at a few of the events this season.  Marc is the current golf coach at Central Dauphin.  He and I serve as assistant tournament directors for the PIAA District 3 golf championship.  Many of you will recognize him from last season.  He started serving as a rule’s official at many of our events.  Welcome to Marc!


Communication:  Our primary means of communication with you as tour members is through e-mail. Please make sure that emails from are not going to your spam or junk mailbox. We try not to bombard you, but we do pride ourselves in keeping our members informed and sharing information and offers that are pertinent to segments of our membership. We also encourage you to set your profile to receive text messages.


While there is snow on the ground as I am writing this, there is no doubt that our first event will be here soon.  I look forward to seeing everyone again this year.


Jon Chronister

Tournament Director




Thank you Sponsors:

Anne Lusk - Southeby's International Realty (Platinum)

Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster (Gold)

Craig Hartranft Team (Gold)

DBL Tank Services (Gold)

FA Insurance / Donegal Insurance Group (Gold)

F.N.B Wealth Management (Gold)

The Furyk Family (Major sponsor)

Golf, Etc. (Player of the Year)

Lancaster County Coffee Roasters (Futures)

Lancaster Indoor Golf & Training Center (Silver)

Lancaster Toyota (Gold)

Manheim Twin Kiss (Futures)

Meadia Heights Golf Club (Gold)

McConkey Insurance (Bronze)

Mount Joy Wire (Bronze)

River Rock Academy (Platinum)

RoweGolf (Bronze)

S & T Bank (Bronze)

Sittler Golf (Gold)

Tomlinson Bomberger (Bronze)

Trout CPA (Gold)

Weaver Associates, Inc. (Registration Gifts)

Yurchak Printing (Printing)

LCJGT Releases App on the App Store and Google Play
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Upcoming Events
Craig Hartranft Team Junior at Overlook
June 10
Overlook Golf Course
Lancaster, PA
G. Crudden Memorial presented by Lancaster Toyota
June 16
Four Seasons Golf Club
Landisville, PA
DBL Tank Junior at Tanglewood
June 24
Tanglewood Manor Golf Club
Quarryville, PA
Fairview Junior sponsored by River Rock Academy
July 1
Fairview Golf Course
Lebanon, PA
Futures Divisions will play the back 9 holes (holes 10-18)
Latest Results
Tour Championship presented by Lusk & Associates
July 31
Boys Gold
Engle. G (-2)
Mitchell. T (+2)
Marten. S (+3)
Boys Silver
Shue. J (+13)
Radwanski. J (+14)
Bortz. A (+15)
Girls Gold
Maletto. K (-1)
Barrett. H (+5)
Groff. T (+11)
Filling's Junior at Tanglewood
July 28
Boys Gold
Strine. C (+2)
Jozwiak. E (+4)
Glick. J (+4)
Boys Silver
Stefanchik. I (+5)
Shue. J (+7)
Williams. N (+9)
Boys Bronze
Mitstifer. C (+14)
Stringer. B (+19)
Everly. C (+37)
Girls Gold
Maletto. K (+7)
Barrett. H (+8)
Groff. T (+16)
Girls Silver
Hill. C (+16)
Smith. P (+18)
Guldi. M (+23)
Boys Futures
McGinty. M (+7)
Dizel. C (+14)
Barr. A (+18)
Girls Futures
Powers. V (+22)
Lancaster Toyota Junior at Dauphin Highlands
July 21
Boys Gold
Engle. G (-2)
McGlaughlin. D (-2)
Fioravante. M (E)
Boys Silver
Shue. J (E)
Stefanchik. I (+5)
Barbour. L (+6)
Boys Bronze
Stringer. B (+20)
Everly. C (+23)
Girls Gold
Overly. E (+13)
Hicks. T (+13)
Maletto. K (+14)
Girls Silver
Smith. P (+12)
Hill. C (+15)
Guldi. M (+21)
Boys Futures
McGinty. M (+1)
Dizel. C (+9)
Barr. A (+11)
Girls Futures
Powers. V (+11)
Dumasia. S (+19)
Current Rankings
Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour
2020 Season
As of 8/2/2020 10:17:58 AM
Boys Gold
1 - Engle. G
2 - Glick. J
3 - McGlaughlin. D
4 - Strine. C
5 - Mitchell. T
Boys Silver
1 - Shue. J
2 - Radwanski. J
3 - Stefanchik. I
4 - Hansen. I
5 - Lessley. Z
Boys Bronze
1 - Stringer. B
2 - Everly. C
3 - Mitstifer. C
4 - Yenser. C
Girls Gold
1 - Maletto. K
2 - Overly. E
3 - Groff. T
4 - Barrett. H
5 - Dings. K
Girls Silver
1 - Smith. P
2 - Guldi. M
3 - Hill. C
4 - Eckroat. M
5 - Hicks. T
Boys Futures
1 - McGinty. M
2 - Everly. A
3 - Dizel. C
4 - Perovich. A
5 - Barr. A
Girls Futures
1 - Powers. V
2 - Quimby. K
3 - Dumasia. S
4 - Kochersperger. L