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LCJGT TD Comments – JrWoR and the 2014 season

The Lancaster team came up on the short end of our second straight JrWoR, as our team was topped 23-5, which is the most lop-sided score in the 11 year history of this event.  Let's be realistic, we got out-played, it's really as simple as that.

If you are interested in getting better at this game, based on my long experince as a HS golf coach, and many decades observing, and even raising a successful Jr-HS-collegiate-mini-tour player, here's what you need to do:

Play competitive golf - the LCJGT presents more events (many beyond our own; check out the Philly Jr Tour, and the Hurricane Tour) - the more you get used to competition, the more comfortable you'll become in theose competitive situations, by playing in tournaments.

Get professional swing lessons - I can't stress this enough - pros are TRAINED at their trade, and there are a number of good ones locally and regionally.  I do not know of a single local player, who did not get professional instruction, and who maintained 'their game' through HS and college.  All the good and consitent players, got lessons, on an on-going basis.

Practice, practice, and then practice - in basketball, their are players who are known as 'gym rats'...you always see them with a ball in their hands, they're constantly in the gym playing, or shootin' hoops in the driveway.  It's what they do.  Good golfers are the same - they hang around the golf course, they're always chipping and putting, or at the range.  That's what it takes to be good...constant work.


Having said all that, I still think we can look back at the 2014 LCJGT season as a season of growth with a lot of successes along the way.  A number of young players emerged, in all of our divisions, who opened eyes, and made playing statements that said they will be heard from next year.


Next Year?  2015 Registration will start approxiamately March 1, so mark that down in your calendar, and pay attention to the informational emails that will come out with official sign up info. 


And remember - this is the game you can play for your whole life! 












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